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DabCraft is a Minecraft server based around version 1.16.5. That being said, you are not restricted to joining using only that version. Anyone from any version of Minecraft can join. Its a hub server featuring the likes of SMP, Lifesteal, Skyblock and Parkour. The server is not yet 100% complete and lots more will be coming soon. Enjoy! 🎉 🎉

So why did we choose to use 1.16.5? When version 1.17 was released, Minecraft's chunk size increased on z-axis. As a result, worlds are now harder for our PC to locate. People with old computers, or people who can't afford more RAM and a graphics card, can't play Minecraft anymore because they will suffer from severe lag leaving them to either play on 1.16.5 or stop playing entirely. Even if they choose to play on 1.16.5, there are not many good SMP servers they can play on with their friends. This is why we decided to create a brand new Minecraft SMP server using the world generation from 1.16.5, but that can be joined by any version of Minecraft.

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