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UltimisMC is a Minecraft server that aims to give you the best experience with game modes that are unique, custom, and run without any lag.

🌟 Explore a Multiverse of Game Modes:
Survival 1.19.4: Teams, Player Warps, Levels, Leaderboards, Quest, No pvp & No grief.
Lifesteal 1.20.1: Steal hearts of your fellow players and become almost invincible!
Oneblock 1.19.4: Witness the magic of progression in a single block.
Practice 1.19.4: Hone your PvP skills and become a true warrior.
BoxPVP 1.19.4: Grinding, updates, pvp, big box, auctionhouse & prestiges.
Skymines 1.19.4: Floating islands, levels, mines, grinding, pvp, auctionhouse & prestiges.
BedWars 1.8: Many maps, levels, quick buy, item & upgrade shops and many special items.
SkyPvP 1.8: Engage in high-flying combat on floating islands.
Parkour: 50+ Maps, Levels, Prestiges, Custom Maps, You can create your own maps.
Redstonepvp: PvP, one huge arena, Guild Wars, guilds, Leaderboards.
...and many more!

Join us now and experience Minecraft like never before! Don't miss out on the adventure—connect to top.ultimis.net and start your journey today

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  • 413/1,500 Players
  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 98.6% Uptime
  • 19 minutes Last Ping
  • 7,843 Votes

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