Frequently Asked Questions

What is Top Minecraft Servers

We are a Minecraft server list designed to help server owners increase their playerbase by making it easier for players searching for Minecraft servers to discover their server.

How do I add my server?

Simply register and after that, under 'Account' click 'Add Server'. Enter your details and Hooray! You have added your server!

Do you support votifier?

Yes, we do support votifier!

I don't have a banner, what do I do?

If you don't have a banner just leave the field blank. We have a default banner that is applied if nothing is entered.

My banner is being rejected

Your banner is not being accepted is because it is the wrong size. Please make sure it is of 468*60. Images and animations are accepted.

There is an error when adding my server

This can be caused by
  • If your server is offline, please make sure it is online before you add it.
  • Make sure you have a valid IP address of Port
If the following does not apply to your server, please contact us at the Contact Page and tell us about your issue, we are happy to help.

My question still hasn't been answered

Shoot us a message on the Contact Page!

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