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The Best 1.7.2 Minecraft Servers

SoggyCraft (

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Welcome to SoggyCraft! This is a server with a variety of things and a great community. We love having people who are dedicated to our server. SoggyCraft is an economy based server so rankings and money play a big role in your game. But there is a twist. Things such as new custom mobs, castles protected by guards and custom mobs. Custom biomes, structures, and bosses make your survival fun and allows you to gain cool items along with experience. This keeps the server interesting. Trading weapons from bosses and items with other players is also a great way to gain money. One way to gain money is in playing a Mob Arena. We have a few Mob Arenas such as bridge, nether, jail, graveyard and many more! We have bending that anyone can use on our server. We have an
arena to test and fight with your abilities. You can also make shops for others to use out of spawn to gain money. Our spawn has NPC's that walk around and tell you things and interact with you! As a home server we are very flexible and will accept many ideas. Send us feed back if you have an idea for our server to improve it. We are looking for trustworthy people to become mods on our server. Thanks for checking out SoggyCraft and have soggy experience on our server!

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