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VorplexMC Network

VorplexMC Network
Server Status
MC Version: 1.17.1
Game Modes: / / / /
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The Best United States Virgin Islands Minecraft Servers List 2024

VorplexMC Network (

Game Modes: / / / /

⚜️ VorplexMC Network - We make things different! ⚜️

Hows it going guys! My name is Seqentix and I am the Owner
of the Server VorplexMC. If you are searching for a Server
that is different from others you're in the right place!

The Goal of VorplexMC is to bring you classic Minecraft
gamemodes with a few special twists and bring back the
good old vibes that a good Minecraft Server used to have.

We do not offer Pay-2-Win Ranks, Items or Perks.
But what do we have to offer? - A heartwarming Community,
a friendly Server Team, and most importantly a Server
that will bring you, your friends and other players joy!
To bring the Community closer together we plan to create
many unique Events and Features. We use all Donations to
improve your Server and will try to donate as much money
as possible to charity organisations <3

If you are interested in our Project and want to apply
please join our Discord Server and use the Command
?apply or ?youtube to get more information.

⚜️ Website: under construction
⚜️ Discord:
⚜️ Twitter: @Vorplexnet

Public BETA Weekend coming soon! Join our Discord for updates.
Lets rock this Summer!

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