Best 1.18-rc4 Minecraft Servers

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CA Minecraft Servers

The Hideout (1.18)

The Hideout (1.18)
Players Online
MC Version: 1.18-rc4
Game Modes: / / /


US Minecraft Servers

Cafe Cosmic

Cafe Cosmic
Server Status
MC Version: 1.18-rc4
Game Modes: / / / /
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The Best 1.18-rc4 Minecraft Servers

The Hideout (1.18) (

Game Modes: / / /

***New World***

Since 2018 The Hideout has been a collaborative community of mature adults. Noobs and new players welcome: If you can read a wiki and are old enough to drive, we want you! The owner is obsessed with running a stable, reliable server free of bugs, lag and children. Redstone / auto farm / YouTube / twitch welcome. Player builds are preserved across game versions. Everything is free, no nagging for votes or donations.

- Hosted on professionally-managed hardware since 2018
- FREE ranks earned thru gameplay
- FREE access to commands like /home, /condense, /craft, /disposal
- Queer-friendly community
- Discord integration: Chat in-game via Discord and chat on Discord thru Minecraft
- Silk Spawners, Grief Prevention, Citizens, Trade Shops, McMMO

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Cafe Cosmic (

Game Modes: / / / /

Cafe Cosmic is a small and new 1.18 Minecraft SMP Server that runs on Paper. We update our server regularly and have few plugins. Make sure to join our discord server too!

Game setup:
- Gamemode: Survival
- Difficulty: Hard
- Seed: 2390986
- Plugins: AFKPlus, CoreProtect, Harbor, LightAntiCheat, LWC, OpenInv, Orebfuscator, ProtocolLib, ServerRestorer, Shopkeepers, TAB

Game rules:
1.) doFireTick: True
2.) KeepInventory: False
3.) mobGriefing: False


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