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☠ DruggyCraft ☠ Gangs ☠ Guns ☠ Drugs ☠ PVP

☠ DruggyCraft ☠ Gangs ☠ Guns ☠ Drugs ☠ PVP
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MC Version: 1.11.1
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☠ DruggyCraft ☠ Gangs ☠ Guns ☠ Drugs ☠ PVP (

Game Modes: / / / / / / / / / /

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DruggyCraft is a unique one of a kind modern gameplay in which Drugs, Guns, and Gameplay are interpreted into Minecraft. You begin as an innocent Citizen without a care in the world in a dangerous city environment.

However, as time progresses, you begin to become addicted to drugs and get your hands dirty by selling drugs, shooting guns, potentially killing players, and joining gangs which are factions.

You purchase and sell drugs at [/warp BlackMarket] and purchase Guns at [/warp GunShop]. You can also join gangs by typing 0[/f join GANGNAMEHERE] or create your own gang by typing [/f create DESIREDGANGNAMEHERE] and can use your Gang power to claim land and build a drug empire in the Wild. You can arrive in the wild by typing -/rtp, /warp plains, or /warp Savannah.
As you continue to play more and more, you begin to build up your Gang and Drug Empire and continue to unlock more in-game perks, items, and daily kits by visiting /warp Ranks and ranking up your personal standing in the gangster world.

In no way does DruggyCraft endorse or promote the use of drugs, guns, or gang violence in real-life. The use of digital drugs, gangs and guns on the server and in our community are for gaming and educational purposes only. DruggyCraft is not responsible for any drug, gun, or gang-related actions you perform in real-life. Basically, do not trying anything you see on this server because in real life there are serious consequences. Do not try what you do on this server at home.
Plugins installed on server: Factions, Drugs, Guns, SilkSpawners

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