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Server Status
MC Version: 1.7.9
Game Modes: / / / / / / /


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Haven Downtown (Skyblock)

Haven Downtown (Skyblock)
Server Status
MC Version: 1.7.9
Game Modes: / / /
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The Best 1.7.9 Minecraft Servers

CoolCraft (

Game Modes: / / / / / / /

•Game Play Types: PVP, Survival, Economy, PVE
•Features at a glance:
- Anti-Cheat (No Hackers :D )
- Minigames (Custom maps and gameplay)
- Unlimited Player Slots (Forever expanding)
- Donations (Help keep the server running)
- Ranks & Perks (Visit the store at
- McMMO (Skills, Abilities, Levels, Exp)
- Parkour Challenges (Check them out in spawn or make your own!)
- Land Protection (No Griefers!!!)
- Chest Protection (Keep your items safe)
- Shops (Buy blocks and items)
- Voting (Vote and earn diamonds, money, kits, perks and ranks!)
- 2+ Years of Service (Experienced staff)

[1]No Griefing.

[2]No Hacking.

[3]Do not steal.

[5]Don't Advertise other Servers.

[6]No spamming the chat.

[7]No X-Ray mods or texturepacks.

[8]Don't Claim creations you don't own.

[9]No Bad Language.

[10]Respect all players and staff.
•Server Hardware: Dual Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2+ Processors, 6GB+ Ram, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Player Slots.

•Plugins: Essentials, Group Manager, Core Protect, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, McMMO, Chestshop, LWC, MobArena, Minigames, NoCheatPlus, CombatLog, and more. Custom plugins included!

•Owner/Admins/Moderators: Owner: edtechl, Co-Owner: UltiWarrior, Admins: awesomemiz123, Kolee5 & FoxMagick, Moderators: lewiswilson & noozgardner. More Staff Positions Avaliable!

•Other: Our server is posted on many Minecraft websites like Planet Minecraft, Minecraft Forums and Enjin. We are Non-Whitelisted and we welcome everyone who joins our server. Hope to see you on =D!

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Haven Downtown (Skyblock) (

Game Modes: / / /

Enhanced Skyblock, Survival, Epic PVP Arenas, Splegg Arenas and much more.
Rent your own market stand to trade your items! get custom items by donating.
What to expect:
- Planets and traders on Skyblock..
- Nether islands on Skyblock.
- Very proffessional and experienced team.
- Rent or Buy Housing and Markets to sell your stuff to others.
- Shopkeepers enabled, Trade signs enabled.
- Large and very fun PVP arenas.
- Splegg
- And much more!

More info at:

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