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Kingdom Craft

Kingdom Craft
Server Status
MC Version: 1.9
Game Modes: / / / / / /
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Kingdom Craft (

Game Modes: / / / / / /

Welcome to Kingdom Craft! We offer tons of cool and fun features. There is a great community with lots of fun activities for you to take part in.The server is up 24/7 with no lag! Give us a chance and come visit our server for lots of fun, to meet new people and have an amazing experience. We've got lots of plugins that will ensure you never have a moment of being bored. So far weve got Factions, play with friends and raid other peoples bases or just be peaceful and focus on survival and building your base. Its up to you!. A Skyblock world featuring shops, levels, achievements and you can even invite your friend to your island. A creative world for you to build your wildest imagination. We also have lots of Mini-Games like MobArena, Spleef, and bedwars! There is so much more. We hope that you will give us a chance and to see you on our server Visit now! IP:

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