Dark Hardcore

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Tags: Adventure Faction Hardcore Hunger Games KitPVP Manhunt PvE PvP Survival Vanilla

Dark Hardcore is a new Minecraft server where you have to kill to rank up. If you kill someone, they get banned and if you die, you get banned! Truce up to one other player with /truce. Do you have the skill needed to survive the night? Join Dark Hardcore and find out!

- New World 16k x 16k
- Vanilla Survival with custom truce plugin (truce one other player to prevent PVP between both of you)
- Kill leaderboard so you know who to be careful around.
- Hardcore, death results in a 7-day ban.
- Killing other players levels up your rank, unlocks new perks
- CUSTOM ENCHANT PLUGIN! Farm EXP to unlock powerful enchantments
- NEEDS STAFF! Apply in the Discord!
- No Grief Protection
- This is not an anarchy server, hacking and chat misconduct will be penalized.
- There have been sightings of Herobrine, disregard anyone who claims to have seen him.
- Hard mode, always night, always raining

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  • 1.19.2 Version
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