JailHouseBlox is an OP Prison server with many perks.
✓ 40+ prison ranks with different mines, shops, banks, and more for each rank so you'll never get bored
✓ customizable OP picks
✓ free plots to everyone at rank c
✓ plenty of donor ranks at good prices
✓ Friendly, helpful staff, always at least on guard on.
✓ Averages over 100 members at all times
✓ Members are knowledgeable on minecraft as well as on JHB.
✓ Online 24/7
✓ We have the floauction plugin so you can get rid of stuff you don't want as well as getting new/better items for yourself
• Each rank, A-L, Free, and Citizen,then Job Ranks have they're own mines, some have two mines, some have a mine and a alternate mine.
• All of the items that you mine can be sold in shops located in or near the mine.
• The only way to get to a certain ranks areas is to be at or above that rank.
• The mines get better and better as you move up, starting at just stone, iron, and coal, but moving up too having gold ore, diamond blocks, and emerald ore. And that's not even the best
• Each area also has it's own bank, where you can buy a chest to store all of that amazing stuff you get( though there are many enderchests around the server for your use).
• After earning rank Citizen, you can earn the Prestige ranks. These are a part of being citizen and do not provide with new mines though they do give you certain perks, for example: a pet.
And On To The Donor Ranks...
All payments are in U.S. Dollars
each donor rank has it's own area and mine
• VIP- for $10 you get /kit VIP, 500k in game money, /furnace, /warp VIP, and /workbench And More.
• VIP+-for $20 you get /kit VIP+, 1.5 mil in game money, /feed, /seen, /warp VIP+ and all of the rank VIP perks.
• MVP- for $32.50 you get /kit MVP, 2.5 mil in game money, /recipe, set three homes, /warp MVP, and all of the earlier ranks perks.
• PRO- for $45 you get /kit PRO, 4.5 mil in game money, /hat, /warp pro, /enchanttable, and the previous ranks perks.
• ELITE- for $60 you get /kit ELITE, 7.5 mil in game money,/fly, /warp elite, and the previous ranks perks.
• LORD- for $75 you get /kit LORD,10 mil in game money, /heal, /warp lord, and the previous ranks perks.
• LEGEND- for $100 you get /kit LEGEND, 12.5 mil in game money, /warp legend, /me, /back upon death, keep your XP upon death, and previous ranks perks.
• TITAN- for $175 you get /kit titan, 18 mil in game money, /warp titan, /enderchest, /anvil, AFK kick immunity, and the previous ranks perks.
• IMMORTAL- for $275 you get /kit immortal, 22 mil in game money, /warp immortal, /ptime, /fireball, color chat, color messaging, and previous ranks perms.
• GOD- for $395 you get /kit god, 32 mil in game money, /warp god, /warp potion, /realname, /weather, /smite, /kick, free donor plot, 20% off all purchases online, and previous rank perks.
These are only rank purchases, there are plenty of other things to buy to increase your level of fun on the server.
CELLS: Prison cells are available to be rented with in game money. Cells include a a bed and balcony, a great place for some prison privacy.

Player Shops: Players of any rank are able to purchase a player shop. You can build your shop, make buying and selling chests and earn some extra money!

Recent server update: KITS 2.0!!!
All server kits, including the starter kit- /kit jhb and including all of the donor kits have been updated. All of the kits became better, material-wise and upgrade-wise!
More updates to come soon :)

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