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Minecraft Server


Welcome to Craftindustries! A Hardcore diverse Economic Server. We bring you a wide variety of worlds, realms and different ways to pass your time. We offer many worlds such as our main world, where you can find player towns, where you can have your very own fully protected region to enjoy. Mining, a ressetting world where you can battle with monsters at night, do all the mining you wish; find spawners and create exp traps. Player vs player or PvP, we have a large world dedicated to the craft, the most prestigous of the players are welcome to try their hand against others on the variety of PvP Arenas. We also have the Nether, Mine your quartz and gain mass around amounts of exp, fight the mobs and do more mob trapping. We also support Survival Games, running six different maps all the same time; you can join up with your friends or by your lonesome and show the commuinity what you're made of.
Craftindustries caries all you'll ever need in a Server. We are indeed hardcore economy and with that we would like to advise you, this server cannot be completed over night or in a couple of day. It takes time to gain in the game currency, and master the art of the Economy Server. We offer as much help as needed to make sure that you feel comfortable in game and throughout your time on the server. We take pride in our members and our staff team. The staff team are there to serve you and help keep the server safe, fun, and worry free. They will handle all problems as they arise and work with you to help you in times of need. If you have any trouble please don't be shy to ask our staff team that is ready to serve you.
We hope that you come in and stay a while, at least give us a try and let us show you that we are very well done server and diverse for all types of need. We have a very reliable host and very does the server go down, except for maitenance.
A hardcore Economic Server that insures fun and time well spent, give us a try and you won't be let down! Forums always up with tuns of Community involvement and fun, aswell as Buycraft Supported for instant donation features.

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  • 1.7.10 Version
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