Arc Dynasty

Tags: Adventure BedWars Economy Survival TnT Run

Arc Dynasty is a Minecraft multiplayer server that is free for all to join and play. It is a whitelisted server where you can have a exciting adventures and forge remarkable new friendships. See more of the Arc Dynasty severs features below, or join the Discord to get added to the whitelist and start playing right away!


Arc Dynasty Features:
1) Land claims
2) Custom texture mobs for java OptiFine only player
3) Daily quests, weekly quests
4) Custom economy .
5) Java and Bedrock/Pocket Edition (PE) support
6) VIP features
7) Custom terrain generated Overworld, Nether and End
8) Exciting minigames
9) Online 24/7 and lag free
10)Admin support anytime

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  • 1.19.4 Version
  • 27.4% Uptime
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