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Welcome newcomer to The World of Elandrios. We wish this could be a
happier time for you to join us, but sadly, the world is in grave perel.
You may very well be the

help we have been waiting for.

It has been a long 5 years since the lands and their people from the 4
factions were peaceful and happy and worked together in harmony. We
once had a beautiful, fair Queen. Elandrios the Queen of the Sky

Everyone loved her and praised her. She would help the poor and punish
the evil. Of course she could not do it all alone. She had great friends
who she kept very close, but little

did she know that one day, one would betray her, her closest friend and royal mage Endrigoss.

Endrigoss was a man of good, he used his magical powers to help the
realm, but that wasnt enough for him. He wanted everything. The
corruption and greed took over him and the

darkness of the End fortress slowly devoured his soul until it was
powerful enough to create portals between the two worlds. Endrigoss
wanted power of all worlds,

but he knew for that Elandrios must go, so with the help of his minions,
the Endermen, he imprisoned her in another dimention for eternity. Some
people say they can hear

Elandrios to this day pleading for freedom in the wind, others say they are crazy people.

As mentioned earlier, there are 4 factions in this world. Halsonia,
Vulperyite, Teuthidia and Serpenite. Before Elandrios was taken, they
all got along, but once she was imprisoned

susipsions and rumours arrived of different factions helping Endrigoss
with his evil plan. The factions turned on eachother and war broke out.
The Halsonians and Vulperyites believed

that the Serpenites helped Endrigoss by using their sly ways to send
messages between Endrigoss and The End fortress. Whereas the Serpenites
find this blame being placed on them a little

suspicious in itself, they believe the Halsonians and Vulperyites where
working together in the Taigas and Ice fields using dark magic to open
the portals. The Teuthidians dont know

who to trust anymore.

Each side lost everything, and now have to start from scratch again. But
whose side will you take? You must follow your heart and join the one
true faction you believe will help

finally destroy Endrigoss and the End Fortress, and return Elandrios
from her prison to restore peace in the land once more.

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