Civilization SMP

Tags: Adventure Economy Survival

The Civilization SMP is designed to bring a Civilization experience to Minecraft survival gameplay. There is unlimited scope on what you can do in the server. You want to become a richest person in the server? or the guy with more private property who owns every kind of farm or item? Build a kingdom that is more prosperous than others? Bring multiple kingdoms under your Nation? May be you can be the most powerful person in the server? Or you are a cunning person with aim to bring down a mighty Civilization. May be you are something that we never imagined of.

Getting started with the Civilization SMP gameplay, there are two types of worlds and players can travel between them:

1.) Citizen Worlds - Citizen worlds include, normal, nether and end worlds. PVP - disabled. Players can claim land - Private property.

2.) Kingdom World - This the normal world where player can create/join Kingdoms and Nations. The Kingdom world is source of great wealth and power.

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