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Tags: PvP Survival Vanilla

Maharlikraft Community is a Minecraft Server based in the Philippines that anyone can enjoy playing whether you are Filipino or not. It is a semi-survival economy type of server which means there is NO /home, /tpa, /spawn, /warp or /shop. However, it does have land claiming to protect against griefer and item thieves. In simple terms, Maharlikraft Community is a vanilla server with some twists and protections.

Server Highlights:
- You will get 100 claim lands every hour to expand your claiming capabilities.
- Economy/Money will be on a future update and you can use emerald to trade for Money.
- Items dupes and exploits are allowed, but not lag machines!
- Intentional Griefing is not allowed, everyone shall respect each other.
- NO HACKING/CHEATING as you can still get banned or jailed on this server.

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