MWG Direwolf20's 1.16

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Server running on Direwolf20's 1.16.4 modpack.

Server is very loose on rules, but griefing, intentional lagging, and mass destruction of the overworld will result in a swift ban. Please avoid destructive PVP unless it is provoked.

Server restarts every 3 hours.


1: Griefing or mass destruction of the world will not be tolerated.
2: Provoking a player is fair game for a PvP response.
3: Provocation does not authorize excessive destruction of property.
4: No items will be replaced, unless you have undeniable proof of a rule break.
5: If your stuff gets blown up in unclaimed land, that's on you.


1 Gold coin = 64 Silver coins
1 Silver coin = 64 Copper coins

This does not mean trade is limited to these coins, but they should be used as a standardized source of money.
If craftability becomes an issue for inflation purposes, we will make a bank that issues said coins.

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