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Technodude255's MC Server [TechCraft3]:
+ Unlimited Player Slots (Suggested 1-70)
+ 5120MB of Dedicated RAM
+ Intel Xeon Processors (4 cores)
+ 1000Mbit Port & No Bandwidth Limitations
+ Multicraft Game Panel
+ Mod Support (Bukkit, Tekkit, Feed the Beast, etc.)
+ Full FTP Access Included
+ Basic support (mod/plugin installs, guidance, general questions)

-->NO LAG 5,120 MB Dedicated RAM: D (5.1 GB)
-->Bukkit (With a lot of cool plugins)
-->No Hamachi
-->PVP [Hunger Games Arena]
-->MOB ARENA [Ender Dragon, Creeper, Silverfish, Skeleton, Zombie, Blaze, Witch, Ghast, MagmaCube]
-->FRIENDLY STAFF [MoreBacon69, Slycooper27, Gottacluekid, Hay12345snow, Iceman115, ToxieeFool]
JOIN NOW!!!!!!!!!! :)

In This Server, We Have Many Plugins for Our Player’s Enjoyment, Including Warps, Mini-Games, and Other Related Fun Tools. This Sever Has Been Running For Approximately 3 Years. In This Server, I Have Worked With My Friends With Building Many Cool Unique Structures. I Hope You All Enjoy :D

http://technodude255.weebly.com My Website Where You Can Go to Look for My Server Rules and Many Other Features!!!

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  • 1.7.10 Version
  • 25.3% Uptime
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