Fancycraft Server

Tags: Creative Economy KitPVP Parkour PvE PvP Survival

+ Family Friendly Server

+ Has been online for 9 years

+ Friendly players and interesting game modes

+ No donation needed. seriously! We do not operate the server from donations. Server owner works at a datacenter and got a free dedicated server. its running 24/7 at no additional costs.

+ No restrictions and pay to win. means that you can earn and gain all the benefits by just playing the game without paying a dime. just enjoy and have fun

+ Synchronized cross-server economy! You can earn in-game coins by playing parkour, mobarena and kitpvp and spend them in survival server to buy items from the /shop or buy new kits in kitpvp. how cool is that!

+ This server is originally whitelisted only but sometimes we turn off the whitelist to let the new comers come and those who are friendly and want to stay will be added to the whitelist.

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  • 20/100 Players
  • 1.9.1 Version
  • 74.9% Uptime
  • 1 day Last Ping
  • 103 Votes

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