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Welcome to BN Gaming!

We're a kind, small server, recently built up from the ground again.

A simple, friendly server, not overwhelming or huge. We don't have lots of plugins, or multiple worlds and play Minecraft in a classic, simple survival way. We may add small changes in the future, but will keep Minecraft as close to vanilla as possible.

Open for all ages and abilities, all around the world. As long as you follow the rules, you are welcome here!

All we ask is for you to be:

There are rules available at spawn if you need more detail, but please do not steal, grief, hack or overall be an awful person. We don't tolerate it and are strict with bans.
Mods that do not affect gameplay such as a minimap or Optifine are welcome. X-rays, fly mods, etc are NOT permitted.

If you ever need help, ask a fellow player!
If you need help from the staff... Message Jennieh on discord or send an in-game mail with /mail send Jennieh. I will try to help as soon as possible, however if I am not available, contact another staff member.


The server has gone by many different names, from Robskiscraft to Sheepcentral. We began back in 2013, in 1.5. That's over 8 years ago! Through the years, the server went through many changes, including ownership, size and style. Now the original owner (GamerRobski, formerly known as robski1994), as well as the other owner (Jennieh) have joined together again to recreate a classic server.

Feel free to join whenever you like! Have fun, stay happy and enjoy playing Minecraft!

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