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At Chronic Network, we offer a wide variety of features that will greatly enhance your experience in factions and prison. There are many unique aspects of this community that stands out from other servers, starting from players to staff to plugins. The active players on this server are extremely welcoming and friendly, they are willing to dedicate their time throughout the network because they see a bright future. Our staff team consists of the following positions: [Helper] - [Moderator] - [Head-Mod] - [Admin] - [Head-Admin] - [Co-Owner] - [Owner]. Our server includes a very courteous promotion system meaning if your application has met the requirements, you will be selected as a helper to start off. You will progress through the staff positions and eventually reach the highest normal staff rank which is Head-Admin. That being said if we believe you are not suited to advance to the next staff position, you most likely will stay the rank you are unless you prove you are capable of going beyond plain sight and most importantly, dedicating your time to the server. The server owners and staff have a wide range of knowledge and experience on running and maintaining Minecraft servers. As a result of this, we have come quite far. We hope to see you on the server sometime in the near future and may you be a part of our great ambitions and endeavors!

We offer 10 global ranks, meaning if you purchase a donator rank on any of the Chronic Network servers, you will have access to the rank thought out the whole network.

Ranks & Prices can be viewed below:

One of the many, awesome features we have is Custom Enchants. These will strengthen your factions gameplay much more. You can use /ce in-game to bring up a GUI that will list these enchantments. How do you get these you ask? All you simply are required to do is use an enchantment table.

Also, this server is looking for staff at the moment. We currently need anyone who develops, builds, and who can help out the server by being a helper.

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