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Welcome to HyraxMC!
IP: play.hyraxmc.com
Website: forum.hyraxmc.com

  HyraxMC strives to be unlike any other server, while still maintaining all the positive, fun aspects of the popular game mode factions. We are currently supporting Minecraft versions 1.8-1.15.1, with the native version being 1.15.


  When you first spawn, you will be greeted with a choice, which will define your entire playing experience. There are three classes that you are able to pick: Futurist, Chemist, and the Ender. Each class has its own respective abilities relating to its origin. Along with its abilities, each class has its own respective spawn and personalized kits.

The First Spawn


Once you have chose your class, you will be teleported to your spawn, this is most likely where you will be spending most your time in between quests, boss hunting, and socializing. You are welcomed with multiple holograms explaining how our spawns work and how to navigate them. You will be welcomed by two NPCs, The Strange Old Man and the Mob Hunter. These are the NPCs that will give you access to a majority of our custom features and unique quests. The Mob Hunter at first glance will not have anything available to you to begin with, however once you go to the Strange Old Man for your quests, you will understand how to get those entries.


  By completing quests, you unlock the abilities to see mob entries within the Mob Hunters GUI. These quests range from killing mobs, mining certain materials, farming certain crops, and building certain blocks. We do this to provide the player with a sense of progression, having to work towards something that will eventually give them are powerful item. However, quests are not just there so you can get access to the Mob Hunter entries; if you are short on money, experience, or perhaps need a challenge, this is the place to go to. You will see the extensive categories available to you within the GUI.


  Factions is one of the most important aspects of this server, it is implemented to be utilized by players to join together with the other classes and form a powerful faction filled with abilities, leveling, and raiding. We aim to maximize the player experience with popular addons such as factions fly, factions top, factions perms, and so much more. With faction perms, for example, leaders can now be picky with what kind of power your moderators, admins, and co-owners have. Of course, featuring the same features that factions is known for.


  Bosses are our way of making the playing experience a little more challenging and engaging. The Elytra is one such item that we have decided needs to be a little harder to obtain than in vanilla. In order to obtain the item, you must defeat five bosses, each that give you their piece of the crafting recipe. Also, if you somehow get the items before hand, you still will not be able to craft it. With the killing of the final boss comes the required permissions to craft the item. Bosses are in specific, protected regions all around the map. In order to find the bosses, you will need to have a compass in your hotbar and go to your spawn and access the Mob Hunter NPC. Once you select a boss, your compass will point towards their coordinates. Be sure you’re the first one there! They only spawn once every four hours!

We have so much more we would like to share, but its too much to put in a post! Come and join us and see what fun you are missing out on! We appreciate the time you took to read this and would love to see you on soon.

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