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This is the server me and my community play the 1.12.2 pack on! You can get the pack here https://the-1122-pack.com If you're confused I'm https://www.twitch.tv/ozthem9 and I stream pretty much every day.. our latest game is modded minecraft.

We have:




Shops! (not yet we just need to build it!)

Discord integration!

...etc! We're always adding stuff people suggest! So go ahead and suggest if you have a good idea on what to add!

The rules are pretty simple and echo my discord rules.. Just don't be an asshole and we'll be fine. If you want a full version of my rules join my discord and check the #rules channel here: https://discord.gg/Xb2Rard We're a smol community that is slowly growing. We're pretty close knit tho so ye. If you decide to follow/join the Discord server / Minecraft server I'd like to thank ya for doing so.

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