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VanillaVerse offers the Vanilla experience in a multiplayer environment where griefing is strictly forbidden.

Custom Container Protection

Here at VanillaVerse, we understand how fustrating it is when your items safely stored in your chests get stolen. We also understand how time consuming it is to manually protect chests with signs like with Lockette.

We didn't want to make it difficult to keep your items safe on VanillaVerse so we have our very own unique protection system.

As soon as you place your chest, furnace, enchanting table or any other container, the item will automatically be protected!


If you want to allow your friends access to your chests, simply look at the desired container and type:

/p add

Custom Realm's for King Rank

If you want extra security, we have a unique protection system for King Rank if you so desire to donate to the server.

This allows King's to protect unlimited amount of land with the /p claim command!

If they want to add their friends, they simply need to type: /p trust


When you enter someone's protected area, you will be alerted with the message below:


Custom Waypoint System for King Rank

King's may also set as many waypoints as they like around the world with the /swp command. King's can check the waypoints they have set by typing /wp. This message will appear:


If you have any questions when you join VanillaVerse, feel free to ask our friendly community or any staff member online, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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