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Hello all and welcome to the first ever pixelmon prison server – Official TJP Pixelmon!

With a new type of server the question must be asked what is the aim and how do I achieve it. Well by combining two of the most popular parts of minecraft we have the objectives of a prison server with the added awesomeness that is pokémon. The aim is to escape the prison and venture outside where the land is plentiful, pokémon roam around, however to reach this beautiful survival you must rank up to a free player. To rank you will need to mine resources and sell them to get money. Then spend your money to get time in the safari zone. In the safari zone you can catch and battle pokémon to level up your pokémon and build up your Pokédex. When you feel ready you must pay for a gym battle. When you have beaten a gym you will be awarded with a gym badge that you trade in for your rank up and on you go. There is 12 ranks A-L and 6 donator ranks. Each rank will give you acess to all the previous areas and a new area better then the ones before with more high levels and rare pokémon in the safari zones, better pokeball shops, better mines to get resources but of course more expensive and difficult gym battles. Please note that the donator ranks give gym badges for extra perks not rank-ups. Enjoy!

It is important for everyone to know and understand how things work and are organised. Over your time playing here you will come into contact with terms like Blocks, groups, gyms, safari zones and more, so here I will explain what all of them are.

Blocks – A block is the area of the prison that that ranks mines, cells, portals and more is located. For example A block is that area that the two A mines, the 44 player cells, Brock portal and more can be found. Its more or less everything past the arch with A above it. The highest block you can enter is your rank but this is not to be confused with each other because you can go mining in any block lower then your rank. Your rank simply gives you access to that ranks block. For example getting rank B gives you access to B block but you can also still enter A block as before.

Groups – A group is a collection or group of blocks. There are 4 groups, A-D housing the A, B, C and D blocks, E-H with E, F, G and H blocks I-l and the donator group 1-6. Each group has its own style of player cells and as you gain access to higher groups the player cells in all the blocks in that group will be nicer. Each group also has its own safari zone and a price for 15 minutes access to that safari zone.

Gyms – Gyms are where you find gym leaders. You can get to gyms by steeping through the water portal at the back of a block. Each gym has a gym leader that you can battle and if you win you will be rewarded with a gym badge and TM / HMs. When you have the gym badge you can click (hold it in your and and right click) it to receive your rankup or use the /rankup command to show the rankup GUI where you can also redeem your badge for a rankup. Each gym has 6 sessions and a waiting system. If no sessions are free you can either wait for one to become free and then enter the cubicle and press the button to fight or if there is a longer queue you can wait for a specific session and when it becomes available face off against the gym leader. After your fight has ended please leave by pressing the buttons at the back of the room or by doing /spawn. Please note you should not attempt to fight in the same session within a 30 minute time period as each NPC can only fight you every 30 minutes and so you may end up paying for a battle that you have to wait another 20 minutes in the gym to take place. If we find you ppurposely trying to block gyms we will impose sanctions may it be economic, rank or server access related. (that means we will take your money, de rank you or ban you, you have been warned!)

Safari zones – Safari zones are where you can find wild pokémon and trainers. Here you can find a pokecenter to heal your pokémon and store them at your will and you also will find a mart to buy your pokeballs, potions and other stuff. Each group has its own safari zone with a price attached to it. As you get to higher ranked safari zones they are larger in size, more diverse landscapes with different biomes and have higher level pokémon at rarities very similar to the games with pokémon spawning in their natural habitat. You can’t walk out, fly out or otherwise escape from safari zones.

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