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We now have 3 servers all on the same IP! With unique gameplay, an amazing community and dedicated staff, we guarantee that you will have a blast playing on them!

We got 2 survival servers, one without grieving but server wide PvP (Main-server) and one where grieving is allowed for the die-hard minecrafters. (PvP-server)
On top of that we also have an upcoming server called Eventworld, where you will be able to fight multiple bosses in order to earn your way to the top.

On top of that: We will never reset any of the maps, if a new Minecraft update requires an additional map, we will just create another world. With warps you can switch between those worlds, this means you will never lose any building progress, but the map won’t be too crowded either.

The servers we run:

Main Server
On our main server, we run a plugin called Towny which allows you to live protected in towns. McMMO, MobArena, and many more astonishing plugins will provide you with a breathtaking experience. This server also has a friendly and caring community who look out for each other.

PvP Server
Includes factions, which also shares your money and McMMO stats with the main server, our PvP server offers a fun array of events you may participate in! From TNT cannons to cobble monstering, the PvP server will provide you with a never-ending experience of fun. There is also a world border, no chest protection and it’s possible to blow up TNT! This server is meant to be for the real hard-core minecrafters among us.

Eventworld Server
This server is still in Alpha phase but will be released to the public very soon. On this server we will have multiple custom plugins in order to satisfy your needs! From boss-battles to exploring, from all out wars between players to being a merchant, everything is possible! The only thing you need to do is to pick a race and join the fight, it will blow your mind!

Hope to see you soon!
Plugins installed on server: 73*, including: MCMMO, MobArena, essentials, casino, chestshops, Towny, Factions, Hungergames, Skyblock, Spleef, CTF and Tokens.

*Some plugins are custom which means hand-crafted for our servers.

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