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Welcome to McGroove!

McGroove just might be the friendliest server you've ever been on. Hop on and take a look around! All hosted on a dedicated gaming server with an 8-core processor and 32GB of RAM!

McGroove, the Grooviest Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Server Around

Version: 1.7.x

Game mode: Survival, Player vs. Environment, Normal Difficulty

Map Size: 16,000 x 16,000 blocks

Economy: Gold Ingots, with player markets and a server shop.


Welcome to McGroove.
At McGroove, all players are welcome. Actually, I take that back. Hackers and griefers are very much not welcome. We tend to ban for hacking and griefing pretty strictly, so if you are wanting a safe place to build, come to McGroove. We have ways of protecting your builds, and can even undo it if people happen to break your stuff.

Semi-vanilla means we don't load the server up with unnecessary plug-ins. We have a couple plug-ins for fun things, but most plug-ins are for essential day-to-day operation, and protection from players with malicious intent.

The only main non-vanilla plug-in we use is our Shop plug-in, but that is mostly to help players trade with each other even when one of them is off-line.

Our staff is mature, and personally analyzed by the owner, jtpatriot. We have dozens of staff, and are always on the hunt for good, helpful, active players to assist King Groovy in making the best server ever.

Anyone can access the Nether, but the End is for donors only.

Register for free on the website to get features like the ability to set a few homes, get your build protected, and make trade shops.

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  • 1.11.2 Version
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