Kids Hooked on minecraft ~ Direwolf20 1.6.4


Looking for a server with a great staff, with a agreat attitude, not so many banned items, uptime for 24 hours 7 days a week, with little to no bashing or trolling of any kind.

Love Direwolf20 and expect to do all the things he does!

AND NOW THE 1.6.4 version we've all been waiting for!

Look no further!

Server info: Kids Hooked on Minecraft Server
IP: -
FTB Modpack - Direwolfw20 1.6.4 (Recommended)
Website -
Mumble server -
Owner - Exodusronin
Head Admin - Quelic

Kids Hooked on Minecraft (K.H.O.M.) was made with my very own kids in mind, so I want to share that with others. I provide customer friendly staff, who play the game just like you do, only the admin and owners are in creative so we know how you feel. I'm a huge fan of dire and will upgrade to forge 2 and 3 if I can through FTB Launcher.

Need to know how to get FTB and Direwolf20 Modpack, for our server - follow these directions!
We provide grief protection which uses claim blocks and trust command for the ultimate in anti-griefing tools. We also have world guard and Hawkeye for those times when the culprit thinks he is smarter than us. We also provide a Mumble server with space for chatting.

The best thing about our server is we will get better as our community wants it. We plan on being around for a long time with your input! So discuss away!

Our rules are simple:?
Dont Troll
Dont SPam
Dont Advertising other servers
Dont Harass anyone
Dont use racist, sexual, or homophobic comments
Don't ask staff for free items or creative mode
Dont discuss politics
Dont use punctuation of any kind :)
Have FUN Playing Direwolf20 mod
Come to our website - for more information, yah there's more great stuff!

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  • 1.6.4 Version
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