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We are a Hybrid Minecraft Server with multiple worlds and servers for you to play on! We have Survival, Creative, and Skyblock on our Main Server. We also have PvP, Minigames and Survival Games on our PvP Server! We also have a Worldedit server where you can build with worldedit! We have a demo world for free access! And finally, we have a Minigames server with popular games such as Spleef, Skywars, CopsNRobbers, and Paintball! Come join the fun!

Use the '/SERVER' command to switch between servers in-game!

[Server Features]

Main Server


Freebuild - A world where you can use your commands to the fullest. In this world with the proper ranks, you will be able to use commands such as Fly, Mob Disguise, Magic Carpet, Spawn Items, Make NPCs, and much much more. There are no limits in this world. Build anything and do anything you want. It's freebuild.

Survival - Tired and bored of being able to spawn items? Do you need a challenge? Well here we have the survival world. No helpful commands, no staff made shops, just pure survival. Dominate the world and survive the nights with your friends. Build shops and sell to others and dominate the server economy.

Creative - Multiple creative worlds for you to let your imagination run wild. We have creative plot worlds, flat lands, multiple worlds to build in. As you rank up overtime, you will have access to more plots to build in. And if you ever need more plots, you can just buy more. Build anything you would like in this FREE creative paradise.

SkyBlock - Build the best Island Paradise you can imagine. You can even build with your friends! What you do is up to you. Create cobblestone generators and expand your land! Start from the ground and make your way up to paradise.

Free Ranks - Our main server is exceptionally known for its generous free ranks. As you play more over time, you will automatically rank up as you play. You will get access to more commands, and eventually even get access to donator commands such as spawning items and god mode. Play as much as you want, you will get rewarded for it.

PvP Server


Factions - Build the BIGGEST Factions! Start factions with your friends and invite the toughest people into your faction. Dominate the PvP world and make sure no one survives. Become the World's Strongest.

PvP World - It's every man (or faction) for themselves! Survive as best you can in this gruesome and violent world. You never know what will attack you next. A creeper? A player? Or even a whole entire faction. Surprises await you in the PvP world. Are you up for the challenge? Will you dominate them all?

Survival Games - Run to the chests! Get as many weapons and armor as you can! Get away before the other players can catch you! Collect armor and weapons and emerge supreme among the others. Its the survival games. Emerge victorious among your friends and foes for fame and glory.

Worldedit Server


Demo World - Aren't sure whether or not you want to apply or donate? No problem! You may try out our demo worldedit world for free! Here you will be given one 100 x 100 plot to test out worldedit with. But you will only have a block change limit of 5000 as a free player compared to the 50000 block limit that applicants and donors have. Try out this world before you're sure you want to donate or apply!

Rank Time World - After trying out the demo world for a few hours, you will eventually freely be ranked up to our editor or architect rank. These ranks have access to regular 150 x 150 plots! These plots will stay forever, compared to the demo world which has it's plots removed after 30 days of inactivity. We like those who dedicate their time to our server, you will be rewarded for dedication!

Worldedit Trusted Plots - Show off your creativity and passion for building even more on the worldedit server! Tired of agonizingly building things constantly by hand? Say no more. The worldedit server will allow you to show off your building skills within your own plots. Show that you reign supreme in the art of building. Build your masterpiece. This world contains 300 x 300 plots. Donors will have access to 5 plots, and Trusteds 10.

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