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This is a strictly no grief and no PvP survival server. We have hand-picked staff members to ensure that our players feel safe and content. LunaSMP has numerous grief prevention plugins, such as HawkEye, LWC, and HorseTools. HawkEye logs all world modifications which permit staff members to undo damage caused by griefers, while LWC adds private protections to all containers placed by you (Chests, furnaces, doors, etc). HorseTools allows players to lock their horses from being used by other players, and prevents other players from killing it.

We also have various minigames for you to enjoy, including Capture the Flag, Hunger Games, Paintball, CrackShot-based Team Deathmatch, Knock-Off, and etc. We also have PvP arenas, where players may fight, but items and experience levels are kept after their death (Only applicable if death occurs in a PvP arena).

LunaSMP has a market, where all shops are created by users. We don’t believe in spawned-in items, so there are no Admin Shops. The economy is also used for limiting some commands. Players may set warps, but a defined amount of balance will be automatically subtracted from their account.

LunaSMP offers a separate Creative World, available for all players. The creative world uses PlotMe for plot assigning. Each plot is 32x32, and as you rank up, you may claim more than one plot (More information about plot limits is available below under the "Ranks" subtitle).


Basic Ranks: All basic ranks are accumulative, with each rank inheriting all permissions and variables from the previous ranks. Below are some details about each obtainable rank.

| Member | All LunaSMP players start off with this rank. Permissions including:
1 SetHome
1 PlotMe Home
All EssentialsEco commands
Access to all minigames

| Regular | If you play on the server often, you will receive this rank. Permissions including:
/warp (List all warps)
3 SetHomes
1 PlotMe Home

| Trusted | Once you’ve become a trusted and mature player, you will earn this rank. Permissions including:
5 SetHomes
2 PlotMe Homes

| Alumnus | This rank is obtainable by all players, and is considered a staff rank. Permissions including:
HawkEye tool & search
10 SetHomes
3 PlotMe Homes

VIP Ranks: All VIP ranks are also accumulative. VIP ranks are purchasable by anyone, at any time. There are no prerequisites.

| VIP | [Bronze] $8.00 USD (Lifetime) Permissions including:
/me (With colors)
/back (Not on death)
/nick (With colors)
/disguise (All passive mobs)
Chat colors
Sign colors
Access to all kits in all minigames
10 SetHomes
3 PlotMe Homes

| VIP | [Silver] $24.00 USD (Lifetime) Permissions including:
/me (With colors and effects)
/back (On death)
/nick (With colors and effects)
/disguise (All mobs except for EnderDragon, Wither, and Giant)
Chat colors and effects
Sign colors and effects
15 SetHomes
4 PlotMe Homes

| VIP | [Gold] $32.00 USD (Lifetime) Permissions including:
/me (With colors, effects, and magic)
/nick (With colors, effects, and magic)
/disguise (All mobs, blocks, and vehicles)
/nyan me
Chat colors, effects, and magic
Sign colors, effects, and magic
20 SetHomes

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