Pixelmon Unlinked

Minecraft Server

Tags: Economy Pixelmon PvE Survival

Un-Linked is the Minecraft server to go to if you really want to enjoy Pixelmon! There are no lag issues 99% of the time, and all new players receive a free kit containing valuable and helpful items to help jumpstart their adventure. They can also use vote points to access PokeBuilder to edit/improve any of their Pokemon! The server's staff and community are friendly, and hurtful stuff, such as hate speech or bullying, will not be tolerated. Other features include crates packed with random epic loot, an Elite Four, and a grinder for easy leveling. Just download its Modpack, start playing, and you'll see why no other Pixelmon server comes close to Un-Linked!



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US Servers

  • 1/80 Players
  • 1.16.5 Version
  • 99.6% Uptime
  • 1 hour Last Ping
  • 303 Votes

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