Minecraft Server


*Are you looking for a server that is full of crazy mods ?
*Are you looking for a server which has 0 lag ?
*Are you looking for a server that listens to players and makes changes happen?
*Are you looking for a server which doesn't tolerate griefing in survival?

Well then Modded Network is the server for you, here at modded network we look for the one thing creating the craziest modpack ever, and developing time to be event better! The team is incredibly dedicated to the servers and this is because we feel that to host any server you must the work into it, we don't believe in map reset unless it is serious issue. We have dedicated team, So enough reading and come and play on our servers and explore what we have to offer to players <3

- Thanks Modded Network Community
In Order to play here please use Technic Launcher

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  • 4/1 Players
  • 1.13 Version
  • 100% Uptime
  • 12 minutes Last Ping
  • 137 Votes

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