Adventures Of The Vault Hunters

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Tags: Adventure PvE Survival

Adventures Of The Vault Hunters is a Minecraft RPG server for players aged 13 and over. It uses the Vault Hunters modpack and has been overly optimized for a smooth playing experience. The server also contains several helpful commands (see below), and there are a few rules all players must follow (also listed below). Come build a base, level up, and fight your way through dozens of unique vaults, but most of all, have fun!

- No unfair advantages/cheating.
- Always be kind! No discrimination, griefing, or spamming!
- English only in Discord and server.
- Do not build within render distance of other players without permission.

Commands (disable inside vaults):
- /spaw
- /rtp
- /home
- /sethome
- /tpa
- /tpahere
- /warp
- /listwarps
- /discord link (Link Discord & MC to show VH chats)
- /flan (Land claiming with permissions!)


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