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Tags: Adventure Economy PvE PvP Survival

GoatsNetwork is one of the best cracked, premium 24/7 Greek Minecraft servers with gamemodes such as SMP and BoxPvP. The SMP has features such as custom items, custom enchantments, jobs, skills, shop, custom made quests, auction house, realistic seasons without a texture pack, anticheat, antixray and helpful staff.

Because the GoatsNetwork server is for non-premium (offline/cracked) players, the first time you join you will have to type "/register" in-chat, set a password of your choice, and then again type the same password to confirm it. Then go forward and when you find the NPC with the name of the server you want to play on, simply right click it and you're done!

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  • 7/69 Players
  • 1.19 Version
  • 91.7% Uptime
  • 16 hours Last Ping
  • 0 Votes

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