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Goats Network is a network that has a variety of server
When you join Goats network you get the chance to play

Csgo { It has guns you only need to download a texure pack }
Boxpvp {It has many feutures like custom mines and if you don't want to mine blocks you can also kill mobs to get items or the other members}
Default Smp {It's a smp without economy but it claims homes backpacks and some other things}
New gamemode : SMp {It's a smp with economy c*asino custom texures and much more

In all servers we have vote rewards a very good anticheat Bedrock support and an advanced report system which you haven't see again
To join goats net the ip is play.goatsnet.tk and when you join you have to type in the chat /register {a password of your choice} and again the same password.IMPORTANT you have to remember this password
Goats net is 24/7 and cracked,premium and we are happy to see you in the server

Because the GoatsNetwork server is for non-premium (offline/cracked) players, the first time you join you will have to type "/register" in-chat, set a password of your choice, and then again type the same password to confirm it. Then go forward and when you find the NPC with the name of the server you want to play on, simply right click it and you're done!

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  • Offline! Players
  • 1.20 Version
  • 73.6% Uptime
  • 1 day Last Ping
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