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The KoreMC Minecraft server features no gods and no resets! It is a world-building server based in the fantasy world of Laventa! We're primarily a player-led nation roleplay server with a functioning player-led economy (and more).


What version of KoreMC?
We run on 1.19.2, although bedrock clients and 1.19+ can join

Is there a place where I can read Kore's history?
Yes! we'll be opening a wiki for KoreMC when the server launches

Is the server released?
The server is released!

Are mods allowed on KoreMC?
Mods that do not give an advantage ARE allowed (Such as optifine, ArmorHUDS, Minimaps, Schematica (minus the printer function), Replay mod, etc.). Hack clients, Baritone, Xray, and other malicious mods/clients are NOT allowed!

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