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AusMine is an Australian hosted Minecraft server that has been operating since 2013, making it one of the oldest servers in the country! We pride ourselves on being a bully-free zone for all players, enforced by our fantastic staff team.

What is Towny? Towny is a server game mode where you build a town with other players (or solo, if that is your poison). Unlike a survival server, Towny has built-in plot management, taxes, and upkeep. Our Towny is not your typical experience. You will die. A lot. You will die from weather. You will die from players. You will die from bosses.

We have an extremely unique plugin where you are vulnerable to the the climates of the world! You can freeze to death in cold biomes, requiring you to wear leather, build fires, and seek shelter when required. In hot biomes, you will die of heatstroke very quickly. You will need to find some water to cool off, build a shelter, or stand under shade. In the future, we will be adding radioactive zones to mesa biomes! You cannot survive on the surface without your Environmental Protection Unit (EPU for short!) which provides total protection against every environment.

Another one of our custom plugins is Cosmetic Tools! This allows you to change the aesthetics of a tool so you can look absolutely stunning! Cosmetics are a paid item which helps fund and support the our community.

Join our community today! We're a friendly bunch.

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