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Shotbow is a server featuring high quality, original, custom coded gamemodes in Minecraft with no client side modifications required (you don't need any mods to play!). We have been a server for over three years and have since had over a million unique players.

The Shotbow network has a very professional team of staff members. From coders to graphic designers to the good 'ol admins who ban the baddies, you can count on us to ensure that your time on our servers is fun and free of hackers, spammers, and all of the bad guys and that the staff will be professional.

Shotbow has a custom currency system called Shotbow XP which allows players to earn in game currency and buy new classes or other fun perks for games to enhance their playing experience. Want a special pet to follow you around in the lobby? Sure! Want to gain that edge in Annihilation? Of course! Items bought with XP encourage alternative play styles to spice up the game for everyone involved!

MineZ, the game that really started it all for Shotbow is a Minecraft interpretation of the DayZ mod. With custom coded zombie AI, it is a true hardcore experience. You can take up the role of a friendly healer or become an evil bandit. You can be a lone wolf or start a great clan. The custom coded items and over 33,000,000 block big map will surely keep you entertained, and once you're a pro, you may be able to take on a giant or take on some of the dungeons scattered about. MineZ is a truly amazing Minecraft experience.

Annihilation is Shotbow's current most popular game. It is a team based PvP gamemode in which four teams face off to destroy the other team's nexus (a block deep in their base). What makes Annihilation an amazing game, is the variety. You can just do so much. Amazing builder? Maybe you want to help build a wall to protect your team's nexus. Master PvPer? You may be better off on the front lines, trying to capture the middle (which holds valuable diamonds). Of course you could also brew potions for sneak attacks, defend your own nexus, and much much more. There are also over thirty custom classes and Thirteen maps to play on. In Annihilation, you'll never get bored.

SMASH is Shotbow's interpretation of the wildly popular Super Smash Bros. by Nintendo. Duke it out with up to seven others players on a variety of maps with custom items, and a double-jump feature to get around. If you're looking for a quick game, you can just join in and play with fellow casuals. Once you've gotten good, you may find it better to join the competitive ELO based ranked matches to try to become the best!

Mine Theft Auto is Shotbow's interpretation of Grand Theft Auto. With a detailed map and custom coding the possibilities with this gamemode are almost limitless! Use 40+ weapons to do intense heists! Race through the streets or in the air using one of 50+ vehicles. Earn money by doing many different jobs, and use that money to buy a house or gang base. You can even become a cop yourself and catch all the dirty criminals! With all this and more Mine Theft Auto will keep you entertained for hours on end!

There could only be so much said here, and Shotbow has many more amazing games to try out. Try to get the quickest time in the daily Death By Void course or fend off the hordes in Slaughter or touch up on your PvP skills in GG. In Shotbow, you can be sure to find hours upon hours of fun, engaging, and original games.

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