MactanPH Network


MactanPH Network

We are a community providing balanced and unique
environment for people to enjoy around the world.

Offering high-quality overworld & nether with gorgeous
looking terrains that makes you want to walk around the world
optimized mobs & item stacking, 190 Custom Enchantments!
Insane efficiency on cannoning no TPS Drop! KoTH and Envoys,
Voteparty with Crates, Auction House and a Trading System,
Daily rewards and Rank Perks and much more!

Currently available servers:

- Inferno Realm (Faction $80 FTOP)
- Fantasy Realm (Survival $30 STOP)
- Ethereal Realm (Minigames coming soon!)

Forum: Https://
Discord: Https://
Facebook: Https://
Store: Https://

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  • 9/500 Players
  • 1.15.2 Version
  • 99.4% Uptime
  • 2 hours Last Ping
  • 28 Votes

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