[1.15.2] - MACTANPH - $30 SurvivalPayout

Minecraft Server


By playing in our server we rewards Top Richest Players accordingly.
How do i win? simple by using Economy you can see the list of Rich Players by simply viewing the Balance Top. Play now! and get a chance to winexclusive rewards read the deion below for more information.
1st Place | 15 Voucher , 1 Kit Voucher , 64 God Apples , SilverFish Spawner 2nd Place | 10 Voucher , 48 God Apples , Guardian Spawner
3rd Place | 5 Voucher , 32 God Apples , Enderman Spawner
4th Place | 16 God Apples , Creeper Spawner
5th Place | 8 God Apples , Witch Spawner

Weve have successfully run our server for 4 months now! and im glad
with the support of players playing in our server. this season we have thefollowing features that you will certainly find very useful.
McMMO , Custom-Enchantments , Supply-Drop , Auction-House , SellchestGenbuckets , Custom-Hoppers , Rewards , Rankup , PlayerVaults , Custom-DropsCrates , Economy , Voteparty and more!

Join our Discord server to get notifed on weekly-updates , events or giveaways. if you find any bugs or glitch or game-breaking players kindly- report them in our support-channel and you will be awarded for your contribution in the community. discord.gg/bTQ8Gw5

Donations will be appreciated this will support MactanPH
to keep pushing-forward in development and running our server. mactanph.tebex.io

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  • 7/200 Players
  • 1.15.2 Version
  • 98.3% Uptime
  • 4 hours Last Ping
  • 196 Votes

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