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this server explores running a community without any form of hierarchy. we believe that no player should have any form of advantage over the other.

this means that instead of having staff moderate the server, all disputes are to be handled by the community themselves.

rules are enforced by plugins, without any human intervention. anything that cannot be enforced by the server is permitted (x-ray, griefing, cheats)

updated (14-5-19) @here
if a player discovers a bug and exploits it, they will not be punished and will be able to keep their rewards

however, this also means that in the event a server bug causes any form of damage, there will be no staff to reverse it.

if the bug causes server instability, changes may be made to the server’s configuration to prevent it from happening again and will be logged in #changelog, but any damages it caused will not be reversed.

in the exception where a bug is caused by server lag, however, changes will be reverted and compensation will be given, provided that you have detailed evidence how it happened and a screenshot of the server's TPS when it happened from #server-log

as we believe in being community-run, players may suggest changes to the server by creating and voting for new features in the #polls channel(edited)

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