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BashyBashy is a Minecraft Minigames server featuring popular minigames like BedWars, Assault Course, and more. The server supports Java versions 1.8 to the latest and has a strict zero-tolerance policy towards hackers. BashyBashy's community is friendly and non-toxic, making it a great place to hang out and play Minecraft all day! Join today, and join the BashyBashy Discord for updates!


Notable Features:
- Excellent anti-cheat!
- Unique and fun minigames!
- "Encouragement kit". Players who have a low wins-to-games ratio, or who are new, get this to make the game more fun. This also makes things more interesting and challenging for the most skilled players.
- If a player breaks the rules, e.g. hacking, racism, etc, they are permanently banned. The only way to be unbanned is a successful appeal. This helps keep the server "clean" and non-toxic.
- Karma system, which encourages players to be as kind to one another as possible. Positive behavior earns karma. If you have enough karma you get excellent perks and rewards.
- Rules, which all players must read and accept when they first join.

Minigames Available:
- Bedwars. Definitely NOT yet another Hypixel clone! This is a unique version with elements inspired by the likes of the old Java Hive server (which closed down some years ago) and unique fun items/features you will not find on any other server.
- Assault Course. Parkour with punching!
- Full Iron Armour. Race to be the first to wear a full set of iron armor!
- Icewars. Spleef had an unholy offspring with Skywars!

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