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Gexica is a Towny server set on a 1:85 scale map of the Contiguous United States. All players start at a coast of their choice and can travel inland, form towns, and join nations which can war each other, conduct diplomacy, and set up trade routes throughout the vast expanse of the continental US. We have a dynamic map to help you navigate and see what territory your town claims, and which also allows you to view details about other towns and nations alike.

Our server aims to recreate the colonisation of North America, with warps on the coast and tp disabled, creating a more realistic distribution of towns with the coasts being more heavily populated than the inland areas. This also means we will not have to reset the world for potentially years since there will always be a large amount of land to claim.

We have a dedicated staff team which aims to break the trend of Minecraft servers milking their communities for money, and instead adopt the mindset that many of the first SMP servers had; one huge map, and lots of small communities within that map. This server is whatever we and our community wants it to be.


Towny plugin!
A Dynamic map that updates in real time´╗┐!
Local economies!
A 1:85 recreation of the USA!
Jobs plugin!
No world resets!


Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
Dynamic Map:
Server IP:

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