Dark World


The Dark World Server is back!! We now have a fully functional TPA system as well as introducing player particle trails!!! There is nothing quite like good old fashioned 100 percent Vanilla!!! There are no plugins of any kind nor will there ever be. Just a lot of high quality command block magic and a few custom made datapacks. We're in the process of rebuilding the PVE and PVP Combat Arenas! Make sure to read all the rules when you first log in and click the link in chat to leave the spawn room. The server has a Facebook page and Discord as well and are linked in game. Feel free to post any screenshots or videos to the page to share with everyone. I look forward to seeing you all online.


2. NO MODS of ANY kind. (Optifine and Shaders video recording mods are allowed)
3. While swearing is allowed, being toxic will not be tolerated.
4. Don't spam the chat. This includes posting hypertext or unicode style material in the chat.
5. Don't ask myself or my admins to help with the server. If we need help, we will ask you.
6. This is a survival world. Creative is reserved for admins and the Creative team...so don't ask.
7. Plugins will never be added. So don't suggest them.
8. And last but certainly not least, HAVE FUN!!!! It's just a game.

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