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Tags: Cops And Robbers Creative Hardcore PvE Skyblock Survival Vanilla

DragonsDoom is a 7 year old community still around on Minecraft. Here on DragonsDoom, we like to just chill out and hang around on our 4 (soon 5) different gamemodes.

Survival: Sethome, Tpa, an item for item economy, ridable phantoms.
Skyblock: Classic skyblock, economy, ore generators.
Creative: Classic plot system, with ranks achievable from judging of builds.
Hardcore: When you die, you cannot respawn for a week. This is completely vanilla, there are no teleportation commands.

Cops and Robbers: Classic cops and robbers gamemode, you try to escape the prison while the warden/cops try to keep you inside. Robbers also have cool jobs to do in the prison to make some extra cash in the clink. DragonsDoom prides itself in being one of the first Cops and Robbers server, sometimes averaging 50 players on just Cops and Robbers. Lately, all the other Cops and Robbers server have been dying off and don't have the gamemode anymore. So come on in and play some Cops and Robbers with us! (It opens Friday, August 16th, at 4pm Central timezone). This gamemode is completely custom, and we are looking forward to making the gamemode way more unique than the classic cops and robbers experience. Feel free to suggest changes on this gamemode, or new additions that would make cops and robbers more spicy!

Want to suggest something? Suggest away on our website (Discord), click the website link.

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