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AtlasCraft Network is a Minecraft server network offering a range of exciting game modes, minigames, and features, including an EULA-friendly Lifesteal SMP, Bot PvP Practice, MLG Rush minigame, and BedWars with six modes. The server also has SheepWars, UHC Run, CounterStrike, Practice PvP, plus arcade games like speed builders, party games, quake, and more. AtlasCraft Network is non-P2W and compatible with MC versions 1.7 and up. Hurry and join now for an unbeatable experience you can't get anywhere else!

Game Modes and Features:
β€’ 🌿 LifeSteal SMP (EULA-friendly Survival LifeSteal)
β€’ πŸ€– Bot Practice (Practice, unranked & ranked AI PvP bots with leaderboards)
β€’ πŸ”₯ MLG Rush (German minigame to train clutching, reducing, and more)
β€’ πŸ›οΈ BedWars (6 Modes, training and ranked, cosmetics, and more)
β€’ πŸ‘ SheepWars (3v3 & 6v6 Modes, kits, leaderboards, and more)
β€’ πŸ•ΉοΈ Arcade Games (Speed Builders, Party Games, Mini Walls, Quake, Block Party, and more)
β€’ βš”οΈ Practice PvP (Fireball Fight, Boxing, Nodebuff, Bedfight, custom knockback, and more)
β€’ 🏹 UHC Run (Classic UHC gameplay, solo & teams, leaderboards, and more)
β€’ πŸ”« CounterStrike (6 maps inspired from CSGO, realistic guns, leaderboards, and more)


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