Etherea Survival

Tags: Adventure Parkour PvE Spigot Survival Vanilla

Etherea Survival is a cross-platform semi-vanilla survival Minecraft server supporting Java and Bedrock Editions (default port 19132). It can also be joined from any version 1.9 or higher. The server aims to create a place where everyone can let their imagination go wild and disconnect from the outside world. After a long time in development, the server is finally ready to launch with many exciting features. You won't find a better time than now to join Etherea Survival!

Top Features:
- Semi-Vanilla Minecraft
- Multiple Sethomes
- Random Teleport [RTP]
- Land Claims
- Vote Ranks
- Hard Mode Server
- Dynmap
- No Economy Plugins
- Vivecraft Support
- No Resets (world border is expanded for new terrain generation)
- Parkour
- Version Backwards Compatibility

To learn more about the launch of the Etherea Survival server and its features, go here:

- No profanity
- Respect other players
- No AFK or lag machines
- No hacked/modded clients or x-ray
- No griefing, even if unclaimed
- Bypassing bans using alt accounts is forbidden
- Real money in-game transactions are not allowed

The complete list of rules can be read here:

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  • 1.19.4 Version
  • 98.8% Uptime
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