WestLeaf Direwolf20 v2.8.0

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Tags: Adventure direwolf20 Economy Feed The Beast Mcmmo PvE Survival Towny

IP: dw20.westleaf.store


WestLeaf is a Direwolf20 Mincraft server currently in development and looking for staff and playtesters. Its goal is to provide unique features to the FTB experience by allowing players to use tools in ways they would otherwise be unable to in vanilla. Some of the server's features include an economy, shops, land protections, crates, kits, and the ability to rank up with playtime. Ready to join WestLeaf? To connect, please use Direwolf 20 1.12 v2.8.0.

- Buy or Sell any item at /warp shop using Villagers.
- Up to 16+ Ranks to level up to with in game play time and money and can not be bought for real money.
- Spawn is a 10,000 x 10,000 city in which once players reach a certain rank they are allocated a plot in Spawn.
- Random TP anywhere in Wild.
- Protect your land with a Wooden Axe. You can earn more land claim area by voting.
- Kits available throughout ranks.
- Crates used as rewards. Higher ranks get access to different crates. Varied rewards.
- Unique feel to the server, aesthetically pleasing & user friendly.

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