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Welcome to pirate server - where an unparalleled Minecraft adventure awaits you! Immerse yourself in our captivating realm, where the spirit of true exploration and survival thrives.

🌲 Vanilla World: At, we stay true to the roots of Minecraft with our Vanilla gameplay. Experience the game as it was originally intended, without game-altering plugins or mods - just pure, unadulterated Minecraft fun.

🚫 No Privates: Embrace the thrill of an open-world experience. Here, there are no private territories or protected areas - only boundless lands for you to explore and conquer alongside other daring players.

⚔️ Anarchy at its Finest: Unleash your wild side and dive into the anarchy of our server. Forge alliances, engage in epic battles, and navigate the untamed lands, all free from strict rules and restrictions.

🚫 No Vipes: boasts an environment of fairness and respect. Cheating, hacking, or any unfair advantages are strictly prohibited, ensuring a level playing field for all adventurers.

💀 Hardcore Survival: Brace yourself for an exhilarating challenge - each player is granted only 3 lives. With the stakes high, every decision you make carries weight, making each moment a heart-pounding adventure.

Are you ready to embark on a legendary journey in the realm of Join us now and leave your mark on this untamed world of survival, where untold treasures await at every turn. Adventure, camaraderie, and excitement await you - see you on! 🌍🔥

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