Tags: Economy PvP Survival Vanilla

EuropeMC is a shop crystal PvP server, which is a type of Minecraft server that combines the thrill of PvP combat with an immersive in-game marketplace. On this server, players can battle it out using enchanted crystal gear while also buying and selling items with other players through a virtual shop system. The server offers various game modes, including team battles, free-for-all matches, and objective-based modes. In addition to earning crystal shards for PvP victories, players can also earn currency by selling items in their shops or completing quests. The EuropeMC server is known for its strategic gameplay and robust player-driven economy.

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  • 0/200 Players
  • 1.19.3 Version
  • 98.3% Uptime
  • 6 hours Last Ping
  • 109 Votes

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