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Hi there! Welcome to GiftedMC!

Immerse yourself into a completely different Minecraft experience on our Server. We have formerly been whitelisted to secure everyone's builds against griefers and BOY do we have some impressive builds on our server!

The Whitelist has since been removed for a worldlock that only allows certain people to build in specific areas. For us and our members, not being stolen from or griefed is the most important part.

Our community consists mostly of neurodivergent people (Gifted, Autistic, ADHD, etc.) and friends. You don't need to be diagnosed with anything or even suspect to be neurodivergent but you need to be friendly towards the people affected and the topic. We are insanely intolerant to intolerance.

How you start:
For that reason, you will spawn in our gear room. You should gear up as getting out there is going to be bumpy. Use our custom user interface (with /gui) to teleport to a free spot. Just left-click on the red bed and get teleported, then rightclick on it to start building. Very easy!

You have a 256 block square plot from bedrock to buildlimit. Additional plots can be obtained through playtime or supporter ranks. Supporters also get hats, particle effects, their own chat rooms and so on.

We also have a huge Discord Server with 60+ channels that you can chat on, a website, multiple social media channels and so on. Creeper Explosions are turned off since we dont want our builds to be ruined. You can turn it back on for your home individually.

Also there are the following things:

Ranks & Rewards
- Voting Rewards
- Playtime Ranks
- Referral Rewards
- Supporter Ranks

Server Customizations
- Interconnected Discord and Ingame Chat
- Custom GUI for everything
- Custom Chat with tons of functions/channels
- Custom Server Shop, Tablist
- Public Teleportation system (costs diamonds)
- 1 Player Sleep
- Digital Diamond economy
- Scoreboards
- Dynmap 2D/3D/Plot View

World Customization
- Multiple plots for free
- Unprotected Areas in Nether/End outside of the hubs ("no man's land")
- No mob Spawning at Shopping Area
- Build empires by teaming up plots
- Plots are interconnectable
- Griefing/Stealing Impossible
- PVP Disabled outside PVP areas
- Creeper Explosions turned off (toggleable)

Public Builds
- Many Public Farms (Guardian Farm, Enderman Farm, Villager Trading Hall, Gravel Mountain, Ice Farm)
- Nether Ice Highways
- Huge Shopping Area
- Insane Spawn Towers

Other Awesome Stuff
- Handbook/Rulebook
- Lag Free (20 TPS at all times), sitting in Europe
- Redstone Allowed/Encouraged (needs to be server friendly)
- Smart, Mature Community
- Active Youtube Series about the Server

If you still haven't read enough, here are our rules:
1. Don't steal
If we catch you stealing, it's game over. Be it at shops, from players (dead or alive) or anything else. Same goes if you underpaid and dont make up the difference when prompted.

2. Reporting crime
If you see a crime, you need to report it to a staff member. If you don't, you'll be treated as an accessory and face the same consequences as the perpetrator.

3. Don't cheat
Cheating/Exploiting is not allowed on this server. There are some forms of exploits for farms that may be ok but you need to ask first. **Xray for example is an immediate and permanent ban.** Using Freecam/Replaymod is deemed ok for content creation and reporting crime. Everything else needs approval of staff.

4. Don't grief
Destroying other people's stuff has gotten pretty hard in our world but some still make it a hobby for themselves. Therefore, destroying other people's stuff without their express permission is an immediate and permanent ban.

5. Build a vault
If you want to participate in our special server functions (i.e. renting shops, hotel rooms, selling to the server shop) you need to have a vault (a chest with a sign on it saying [vault] *and nothing but*) and it needs to have diamonds in it. If not, you will loose your stuff as shops and rooms get reset without a chance of getting them back. Addition: Your inventory and Ender chest can be used for diamond storage but they become inaccessible to the plugin as you log off and your Shops etc. will be reset if you're offline during a renewal.

6. Don't spam/curse excessively
This is obvious for most but some still don't get it. We are not a playground. Screaming and spamming chat are not allowed. You will be muted or completely banned from chat if you keep spamming.

7. Don't go around rules
Sometimes nifty people come up with ways to circumvent certain rules by being vague, doing something nobody thought about yet. If you grind the edge, you will hurt yourself. We are GiftedMC, not StreewiseMC.

8. Be respectful
You are playing with humans, remember that. Insulting them or even forgetting basic human decency (like please, thank you, hello and bye) can get you in trouble here. If we consider someone as spreading bad vibes, we will get rid of them swiftly and permanently.

9. Listen to Staff
Staff members are players like everyone else but with the express task to keep the server safe and chill. If a staff member gives you an order, you are to follow it. You may question it afterward in private or with all staff present but you are not **ever** to disregard a staff order or question them in front of others.

10. Learn the GUI
Make yourself familiar with the /gui command. It is our one solution for most things on this server. You are allowed to ask about it but as long as you are not familiar with it, staff is ordered not to help you with anything that involves the gui.

11. No trespassing
Generally you can enter another person's region and look at their buildings from a reasonable distance. If they are present or you are asked, you need to state your business. You are not to enter any buildings without invitation and if a region/portal says not to enter, entering is considered trespassing if you dont have a written invitation. Trespassers are free game and lost items are considered spoils of war. A region owner/member is the only one able to pvp in an area so you have no chance to defend yourselves. Also, beware of traps.

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