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Welcome to GreenHaven, the roughest, toughest, baddest Minecraft prison server you've ever been on. Green Haven has several ranks, active staff, Brutal PVP, MCMMO, Drugs, Shops AND secrets, Green Haven has EVERYTHING that you need to give you the perfect experience that you could hope for on a prison server!

Now, first things first there are many, many ranks. Read below for more information:

D-Prisoner: Default

In GreenHaven newly spawned convicts are restricted to D block, the dirty block where you're sent for doing whatever nefarious deeds to get you in this god damn jail. You're restricted for ways to earn money, such as you can only chop down trees and mining in the stone mine, you will be watched very carefully by guards so you better be following all the rules. PVP is brutal and you can expect a fight to the next rank, bounties on staff so you want to kit yourself out before even attempting to fight! Once you've hit $20,000 you're able to rank up to the next block - C Block.

C-Prisoner: $20,000

You're back and stronger than ever, now that you have a little more experience than before you now know your way around D and you're onto bigger, braver things. In C Block, you will now have access to Two new mines, Reed farm and a Melon farm, there are even more guards around every corner and are ready to brutalize their lawbreakers. You better make sure you're doing what you're told or you can be in for a beating. You have to work hard to earn $65,000 to be able to rank up to the next block, B Block.

B-Prisoner: $65,000
Welcome to B Block, you know how the system goes and you know how to manipulate it to get what you want, you're also aware that the guards know you and know who all of the trouble makers are, fortunately you can now enjoy the latest in Mob-Farm technology, you can now get EXP in an abundance and now have access to a nether rack mine jam packed full of Diamonds, Iron, Coal and Sandstone! Things are finally getting easier you can relax and guards are eased around you. Just make sure you do no sudden movements, you now need to eran a further $95,000 to upgrade to the next block, A Block.

A-Prisoner: $95,000

You will now have access to a lovely state-of-the-art diamond mine, cactus farm and Animal farm which will ease to transition from A-Prisoner to Underground, you require a steady $200,000 and that doesn't come easily. You now know your way around the prison, staff and all of the secrets in the prison. You've officially made the prison your fool and you're ready to chop down more ranks all the way to Mayor. You Prisoners have been in A Block for a while now, so make sure you watch your back before going to your cell on the way back from the mines or farms. You require $200,000 to advance in rank to Underground.

Underground - $200,000

Congratulations, you have finally adopted the drug trade and hard labour. You now have a serious choice, you can stay in prison and live Underground, or you can pay a one time fee of $400,000 and buy your freedom. Underground comes with massive mines, fishing ponds, farms and drug-allotments. I would make sure you carefully consider the benefits of both ranks before advancing in rank to Free/Mayor.

Free - $400,000

You're Free, however it's not over yet, you're still a criminal, but you've purchased your freedom and don't you forget it. You'll be able to do anything you want outside in the real world, well away from the spawn. We understand you may still have friends in prison so we'll let you visit Green Haven as long as you abide by the rules, listen to guards and respect players rights to enjoy the server.

Mayor - $1,000,000

Congratulations, even though you were Free, you just wanted to prove how worthy you were and how much anger you have inside and have vented out on mining over time. Every fellow criminal looks up to you, the success you've possessed throughout your time on Green Haven is absolutely fantastic, you're one of hte many few who have lasted this long.
You know everything there is to know about Green Haven prison, good for you! Through the frisks, beatdowns, showers and deaths you've survived, you've survived and become a new person. Congratulations, you've beat the same. Now can you form a drug cartel and become a profitable member of the community without the guards catching wind of it?

With regards to Staff Ranks we have a very strict application process.
Staff Applications need to be submitted on and you need to have been ACTIVE on the server BEFORE you submit the applicatin, if you are found to not be active BEFORE the time the application was submitted then we will close your post by force with no reply. This is a must, you will NOT get accepted if you do not follow this one simple rule, another important aspect is if you do NOT follow the application format here: Application Layout then you will NOT get accepted.


GreenHaven currently has a few events so far such as BlindParkour, StoneRunner, Runner and PVP events, however we're going to add more events soon! If you would like to suggest some events be sure to tell us on the server talk to either an SR-Warden+.


There will be prestige in the future. It will go D+, C+, B+, A+, Mayor

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